About Molecular Hydrogen


Why Molecular Hydrogen?

Since 2007, over 400 research studies demonstrate the health benefits and safety of administering molecular hydrogen (H2) by various routes including IV, oral, bathing and inhalation (1). H2 for wellness, anti-aging, prevention/treatment of disease and in promoting agriculture (2) has been extensively researched and brought to practice - in Asian countries. It has only recently has been introduced to the American market as electrolysis devices and base metals for generating H2. 


H2 is readily absorbed into tissues and can reduce the presence of hydroxyl radicals and peroxynitrite while leaving the signaling reactive oxygen species - superoxide and hydrogen peroxide, unchanged. The problem is that the duration of exogenous H2 in the living systems is short-lived, since it readily diffuses in and out of tissues. 

Therefore, a means of retaining H2 in the aqueous solutions, body organs and tissues, in an economic and consumer friendly manner, is needed. 

Delivering and sustaining H2, both internally and topically, should be a major strategy for increasing the efficacy of H2 for reducing the body burden of toxic free radicals that affect tissue damage, aging, inflammatory and chronic degenerative diseases. It is emphasized that a more sustained delivery of H2 may be needed for maximum effectiveness of H2. Here, NutraGenom, LLC introduces H2B*, that has been demonstrated to generate and sustain H2 in aqueous systems.

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