Weight Management Capsules


There has been a failure of current weight loss treatments and programs to stop the progression of the obesity epidemic. The pro-inflammatory component of obesity is now known to lead to serious diseases, including: Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, fatty liver disease and several autoimmune diseases. Thus, there is a need for a safe and effective product that treats both obesity and the pro-inflammatory component that affects development of disease.

Molecular hydrogen (H2)  is generated and sustained in H2B*.  It is delivered to the stomach by capsule. It promises to create satiety by generating a feeling of fullness for 4-8 hours.  It also reduces obesity  - associated inflammation by the generation and sustained release of anti-inflammatory H2.

H2B* works by multiple mechanisms:

· Creates an H2 ‘headspace’ in the stomach – giving a feeling of fullness.

· ‘Floats’ a bulk mass in the stomach that adds to satiety.

· Generates and sustains anti-inflammatory H2.

· Contains a prebiotic that generates sustained H2 in the lower G-I Tract.

· H2, itself, has been associated with weight management (1).

(1) Obesity (2011) 19 (7):1396-1403.