Why H2B* Affects Weight Control

Remarkably, H2B* facilitates the creation of no – or low calorie, delicious foods and drinks that are an effective substitute for high calorie foods and drinks. This breakthrough should be of benefit to weight management programs:

· being anti-inflammatory through H2 delivery, 

· feeling of fullness generated by H2B* matrix expansion,

· fulness due to an H2 headspace effect,

· having a desirable texture imparted by H2B*,

· having extended stability of H2 in foods and drinks,

· H2B* is compatible with most foods and drinks.

Here, is a partial list of great tasting H2B*  drinks and foods that can be consumed – having little or no calories:

· Chocolate Smoothie

· Blueberry Protein Breakfast Smoothie

· Lemon Flavored Vegetarian Protein Powdered Drink

· Transforming Marketed Drinks and Powders into Delicious H2 Deserts

· Enriched Tomato Soup

· Medicinal teas synergistic with H2.