H2 Microbubbles in H2B* Solutions in Relation to Medical Ultrasonics

Due to the discovery of the remarkable sustainability of H2 in aqueous H2B*, a study was carried out to determine if stable microbubbles are present in an aqueous H2B* formulation. The formulation was filtered through a 400 - mesh filter. All microbubbles passing through the 400 Mesh filter were 37 microns - or smaller. 20 uL of filtered solution was injected onto the sintered glass space adjacent to the glass coverslip covering the grid on a hemocytometer. The grid was observed under the 40/0.065 magnification on an OMAX® Binocular Compound Microscope Model: M83EZ.  At the 4.5 - hour observation, a wide range of sizes of microbubbles were observed. The smaller sizes ranged between 2-10 microns. At 8.5-hours, the filtered formulation was again observed. A wide range of microbubbles of assorted sizes was again observed. The microbubbles have a sustainability of at least 8.5 -hours. 

There is convincing evidence that the persistence of H2 in non-viscous solutions containing H2 is due to the stabilization of microbubbles by H2B*. 

The size of the H2 microbubbles in H2B* - generating systems can be selected by molecular sieving, centrifugation or size exclusion chromatography.

The ability to generate sustainable H2 microbubbles, in aqueous solution, and their delivery to the systemic circulation -  has important health benefits regarding enhancement of ultrasonic medicine:  

· Sharper imaging of organs and the circulatory system.

· Drug delivery to un-accessible areas, including crossing the blood – brain barrier.

· Enhancement of non-invasive treatment of prostate and breast cancer. 

· Enhancement of histotripsy (tissue fractionation using high frequency ultrasound). 

· Sonothrombolysis (destruction of blood clots using ultrasound). 

· Enhanced delivery of DNA, RNA and proteins into cells of targeted tissues.

· Enhancement of CRISPR - Cas9 biotechnology.

· Vascular permeability enhancement.

· Enhanced lithotripsy - the disintegration of kidney and bladder stones. 

· The benefits listed above, plus the anti-inflammatory effects due to H2.