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We have evolved from being a company that analyzes client's DNA for amelioration of nutritional deficiencies due to genetic variants -  into a company that has discovered a new biotechnology (i.e.,H2B*) that opens up novel epigenetic approaches to treatment of obesity, inflammatory diseases and other applications. We are preparing to market our first product - the Lemon Flavored H2-SatietyGel for weight control and the augmentation of intermittent fasting programs. It will be sold through professionals - only.

What are the results of our R&D?


We have discovered a novel, patentable* means of sustaining large amounts of molecular hydrogen (H2) in vitro and in vivo. H2, the smallest molecule in our universe, is rapidly lost from solution and living systems. Being able to sustain H2 - extends present applications and opens new applications for H2 biotechnology (H2B*).

* PCT will be provided under a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

How can NutraGenom, LLC Help your Organization?


First, we want to partner with medical professionals, involved in anti-aging and weight control programs, who will introduce the H2-SatietyGel to their patients.

Secondly,  wish to provide opportunities for interested organizations to work with us to develop the H2 biotechnology (H2B*) -  into highly profitable products. This can be done through licensing agreements, joint ventures and/or acquisitions. 


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